Seth Jones’ statistical performance under King vs Colliton

Seth Jones, Chicago Blackhawks
Seth Jones, Chicago Blackhawks / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The Chicago Blackhawks were an abysmal 1-9-2 under Jeremy Colliton, but are now a respectable 9-6-0 under interim head coach Derek King. The Blackhawks have been a lot better defensively, doing a way better job of limiting high danger chances. However, they’ve struggled to generate much offense. The one player that has managed to really thrive under Derek King is Seth Jones.

I’ve made my opinion clear on what I think about Seth Jones. The assets and money they gave up to acquire him will have a negative impact on the Blackhawks long term. That being said, Jones can still be a useful player over the next few seasons. He’s shown these past 15 games he can be an impact, top pairing defenseman.

Things weren’t looking so promising when Jones was playing under Colliton. Well, to be fair, the whole team was…not good whatsoever. Here were Jones’ stats under Colliton.

*All stats are 5v5*

  • TOI - 214:09
  • Corsi - 45.98%
  • Fenwick - 45.79%
  • xG - 38.59%
  • HDCF - 43.28%

Now, here are Jones’ stats under Derek King. Way better.

  • TOI - 299:48
  • Corsi - 52.00%
  • Fenwick - 51.27%
  • xG - 54.23%
  • HDCF - 55.29%

Jones’ stats over the whole 2021-22 season.

  • TOI - 513:57
  • Corsi - 49.33%
  • Fenwick - 48.77%
  • xG - 47.42%
  • HDCF - 50.00%

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Obviously the overall stats aren’t eye popping, but at least there are improvements being made. Keep in mind, Jones’ PDO under Colliton was 0.932 and is now 1.016 under King. Marc-Andre Fleury's play has helped that.

From a pure offensive perspective, Jones currently leads the Blackhawks in points, though 12 of those points are secondary assists, and 8 of them being power play points. He has 13 points in 15 games under King and leads the whole Blackhawks team with 23 points in 27 games overall.

In all fairness, Jones has actually been a bright spot on this team, especially with the improvements he’s been making. His honestly about his game has also been very refreshing.

It’ll be interesting to look back at this, even in a month, whether it’s for better, or for worse. It’s weird to think the 2021-22 season started two months ago. It feels like forever ago and we’re just a third of the way through.