Taylor Raddysh may be the Blackhawks' Best Asset

Chicago Black Hawks v Edmonton Oilers
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Let's hop in the time machine for a minute. Fast forward to a year from now. The Chicago Blackhawks may have an even worse record at this same juncture in 2024. Taylor Raddysh may be our leading point getter, though it will likely be well below a point per game.

He will be a 25 year old forward that is still on a $758,333 salary whilst keeping his RFA status. Basically this is one of the best contracts in the NHL. He is producing this year with 24 points in 48 games. He has a 24 goal per 82 pace and should end the season with 41-45 points.

Those are good goal numbers if you factor in his contract and caphit value to another team looking for a middle 6 goal scorer. Not only that, but he still seems to have alot of potential to grow his game. He was a 2nd round pick by Tampa Bay in 2016 and has a 6'2 200lb frame. He has improved his rebound and deflection play as well. All of these attributes should contribute to him having a breakthrough year next season.

Despite the expected attrition that Chicago will have this month, I expect Kyle Davidson and the Blackhawks to add some veteran help to center whichever line Raddysh is on next season. Taylor should see a jump in TOI, shots, and PP time. This makes me think that his stats could jump into the 50-60 range by next season.

Would a team, looking for a low cost high production forward, offer the Blackhawks a Brandon Hagel type of return? Well, no.... However when I really think about it, Taylor Raddysh could net the Blackhawks a 1st round pick and prospect this time next year. That could make him Chicago's best asset in a year.

Taylor Raddysh
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