The 5 Players That Make Up The Future Blackhawks Core

Seth Jones #4, Chicago Blackhawks
Seth Jones #4, Chicago Blackhawks / Derek Leung/GettyImages
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Seth Jones #4, Chicago Blackhawks
Seth Jones #4, Chicago Blackhawks / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

4. Seth Jones

Seth Jones signed a massive deal with the Blackhawks this past offseason keeping him in Chicago through the 2029-30 season. Just imagine where the team could be at that time. Jones is only 27 year old and is going to have a lot of great hockey ahead of him with the team.

While I know most are still not the biggest fans of his contract and the trade that brought him here, I think that is not going to be an issue in a year or two. Jones has time to his advantage if he can continue to prove he was worth the price it cost to add him to the team. Sure, having the first round draft pick would be nice especially if the team was going to be in the lottery conversation, but at least one member of the team's core for years to come is in place.

Even the current group of Blackhawks have talked about how much they have enjoyed playing with Jones so far. Here is what Kane had to say today after practice via Charlie Roumeliotis:

" "Seth is just an unbelievable player. I knew he was a good player but he’s exceeded my expectations as far as his all-around game and what he brings to the team when he’s on the ice.""

Patrick Kane on Jones

Jones has the contract that is making him apart of this core group of the future. Let's face it, even if the team wanted to, chances are they are not finding a trade partner for Jones right now. But I do think even if they could they wouldn't want to. Jones is an elite defensemen and those do not fall into organizations that often. Chicago is lucky to have two within their organization.