The Blackhawks are in Position to Add 10 First Round Players in Just 4 Drafts

2023 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game - Practice
2023 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game - Practice / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages

Before the last draft around this time, the Chicago Blackhawks had no 1st round draft picks, Kyle Davidson in his 2nd month as full time GM, and no coach (Richardson was hired June 27th, 2022). Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, our two dynasty holdovers, were entering their final years of their 8 year / 84 million matching contracts. Moreover, it appeared now apparently clear that Kyle Davidson was going to trade fan favorite and two time 40 goal scorer Alex DeBrincat. Things were looking bleak.

If I told fans then that we were on the cusp of adding Connor Bedard surrounded by a bevy of high end draft picks over the next few seasons, maybe we all wouldn't have worried so much then. When we look at what has and will have occurred it's more than likely going to be 10 first round draft picks added in just a 4 year span by Kyle Davidson.

In the 2022 draft we added Kevin Korchinski (7th), Frank Nazar (13th), and Sam Rinzel (25th). This upcoming draft we already have picks at #1 (Connor Bedard) and #19 (Tampa Bay's 1st). With four 2nd round picks and now comments from Davidson and Doneghey (Mike Doneghey, Blackhawks' Director of Player Personnel) now making note that they will likely not use all of these picks it's safe to assume that there will likely be a move up at some point in day 1 of the draft.

Currently those 2nd round round picks are numbers 35, 44, 51, and 55. When the first round ends at #32 I fully expect for the Blackhawks to move up from #35 combining it with one of the other 2nd rounders to take a player in the mid to high 20s (possibly Alex Ciernik as I've made note today) that they think will not reach them at #35. Teams such as the Aves (#27), Leafs (#28), and Knights (#31) jump out to me as teams that would like to add an extra asset to move down 4 to 8 spots.

As we all now know that would give the Blackhawks back to back drafts with 3 first rounders. Add in the 2024 and 2025 drafts, in which we already have 2 first round selections each (Brandon Hagel deal / McCabe - Lafferty deal) and that would net the Blackhawks 10 first round players in just 4 drafts. That's one heck of a start to jump into a rebuild. Oh and one of them is Connor Bedard.