The Case for Keeping Alex DeBrincat

Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators
Chicago Blackhawks v Ottawa Senators / Richard Whittaker/Freestyle Photo/GettyImages

Around a week ago is when the Frank Seravalli report popped up listing Blackhawks winger, Alex DeBrincat as possibly the number 1 trade target of the offseason. We have multiple articles regarding this, by multiple writers (myself, Jesse Courville-Lynch, and Seth Stauffer), so please go back to the home page and read to your heart's delight about the trade possibilities. Though there are many signs pointing to DeBrincat being gone no later than the trade deadline, and a convincing argument can be made as to why he should be traded, I think there is definitely some critical reasons to keeping him around. That's what I'm attempting to examine in this article today.

1. He's Really, Really Good

Any way you slice it, DeBrincat is a phenomenal player, which is notable for a 39th overall drafted player. He has been a tremendous pairing for Patrick Kane and playing alongside him has assuredly raised his performance, but I'd wager DeBrincat would still be a rising star on his own merit. In his five seasons in the league, he has a track record of posting roughly a point-per-game average. And he has proven, during full-length seasons, to post 40+ goal scoring seasons. That is also quite substantial.
I would argue that if and when the Blackhawks move on from Patrick Kane, DeBrincat will still be an adept scorer and will be the shining star on the team. That is case number one for keeping him. You need somebody to score the goals.

2. He's Young

Alex DeBrincat is a very young player, arguably not even close to his prime yet. He just turned 24 this past December and looks to be a star already. Imagine a DeBrincat in his prime at age 27-29. His youthful exuberance lends his point-scoring well and I would put money on him putting up at least one 100-point season by the time he turns 30.
Again, a reason to keep DeBrincat for the sake of his youth is that by the time the Blackhawks are ready to compete again, DeBrincat will be right in the middle of his prime. You could be getting his very best years to come and he would be the leading scorer and (likely) captain of your team.

3. He Sells Tickets

Nobody likes this reason, but it's reality. You want to go to a Blackhawks game? You want to entice the next generation to watch and cheer for Blackhawks hockey? How do you intend to do that with no-namers on the ice? Sure, Seth Jones is cool and very talented, but most casual fans want to see scoring. Who is going to score the goals? Who is the marketable player on the team? Who has a fun-loving personality and has an equally fun-loving nickname? It's DeBrincat, and it's not particularly close. You want fans to attend games? You gotta keep him around.
I personally think, Kyle Davidson's iteration of the Blackhawks is going scorched-earth and doesn't give a rat's (not you, Dave Bolland) rear end about the draw the team gets. Davidson is determined to build the team the right way, which I greatly admire. But it is undeniable from a business and entertainment standpoint that DeBrincat is extremely valuable.

What do you think, fans? Do you think DeBrincat is gone or do you think he stays? All reports are indicating DeBrincat will be wearing a different sweater next season. It will be interesting to see what the Blackhawks will do and what return they can get for him. It should be a hefty haul, or else they're doing it wrong.