The Chicago Blackhawks are likely to Draft a Defenseman in the 2024 Draft

The signs are there...

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Simply put, outside of Macklin Celebrini going #1 overall the group of forwards in the draft class represent equal amounts of promise as they do risk. The likes of Ivan Demidov, Cayden Lindstrom, Berkly Catton, Liam Greentree, and Konsta Helenius are all talented, however when compared to what is in the next 2 drafts (from Blackhawk Up's perspective) it may be wise to look at the defensive players this go around.

That group, when taking into consideration the Blackhawks have two 1st round picks (their own and Tampa Bay's 1st round selection) may afford Chicago an opportunity to not only take one of the top 3 defenders, but perhaps 2 in the top 6 of said projected defenseman. There in lays the outline though, this 2024 draft class is shaping up to have upwards of 6 blue line talents that grade out inside the top 10-12 picks. With some teams likely opting for forwards, it could push one of the players closer to 15-20 and in the range of where the Blackhawks could maneuver (TBL currently hold the 21st selection slot).

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Of those 6 players eluded to, half are right shot and half are left shot. As the Blackhawks have a heavy contingent of left handed defenders in the NHL or in the prospect pool, let's first look at the right handed prospects from a defensive point of view.

3 RD that the Blackhawks could take in the 2024 draft: