The Chicago Blackhawks are likely to Draft a Defenseman in the 2024 Draft

The signs are there...
Minnesota v Michigan State
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1. Artyom Levshunov. A big and mature (older for the draft class, turned 18 last October) RD that has exceeded expectations over the past 2 seasons in North America. Currently the odds on favorite to be the first defender off the board and likely in the top 4 picks.

Artyom Levshunov
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2. Zayne Parekh. Exciting is the word when thinking about Parekh. This is as gifted of a skater, with an equally adept offensive IQ, that the draft has produced in some time. Will some physcial limitations keep him off of some teams boards perhaps, but make no mistake Zayne Parekh will be drafted in the 5-15 range depending on how the draft plays out.

Zayne Parekh
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3. Carter Yakemchuk. A RD that sports tremendous size (6-3, 194) and an expanding repertoire of offensive skill traits that has seen him rise up many pundits draft boards of late. Yakemchuk is a player, like Kevin Korchinski was 2 drafts prior, that could hear his name called earlier than many expect. Still, the WHL standout is a likely selection in the 9-18 range depending on team movement in that span of picks.

Carter Yakemchuk
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Note; In Carter Yakemchuk's link this is an article from exactly 100 days ago that predicted the draft and it's players. Yakemchuk was a tier 5 (or up to pick #21) prospect at that time in which now we would move him up to tier 4 (early teens).

Would the Blackhawks select one of these LD in the 1st round?