The Chicago Blackhawks Scored A Lot of Goals Against Arizona But Can They Do It Again?

Was Sunday's offensive explosion a fluke or a sign of things to come?
Chicago Blackhawks Colin Blackwell
Chicago Blackhawks Colin Blackwell / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

When the first period concluded on Sunday, I'm sure we were all expecting the same thing we have been seeing the last few months from the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Hawks had few solid chances, but still found themselves going into the first intermission down 1-0. It was a story we had all seen before. Then 11 seconds into the second period, the Coyotes found the back of the net again to double their lead.

However, that's when the Hawks seemed to flip a switch. Bedard found the back of the net at an awkward angle five minutes later which would take the metaphorical lid off the basket.

The Hawks then proceeded to put up four goals in the second period and seven in the game. Bedard had three points on the night with two goals and an assist while Colin Blackwell sealed the win with an empty netter and his first career hat trick.

The result of the game was fun, but was it sustainable?

Is this something we can expect to see out of the core group for the foreseeable future? To be honest with you, I think it can be.

Let's start with Bedard. As I mentioned before, he had three points and was a key part of getting the offense off the ground in the second period. He was involved in both power-play goals and created countless chances throughout the night for himself and his teammates.

One play in particular I wanted to dive deeper into was the assist to Tyler Johnson. Bedard skated around one defender and then threaded the needle to Johnson who buried it into an open net. Bedard took advantage of a flat-footed defender and fired an absolute seed past his stick right to Johnson's tape.

It's the playmaking ability like this that we see on a nightly basis that gives us Blackhawks fans hope for the future. Sure it may be with a man advantage, but a goal is a goal. Bedard's natural ability to find open space and create for his teammates will generate many goals over his career.

Not to mention the pure stick skills he showed while dancing around a defender into the slot and ripping one past the Coyote goaltender for his second goal of the evening as well. You can't teach that type of talent.

If the Blackhawks can continue to get pressure from all four lines like they did Sunday, I imagine that the offense will keep generating scoring opportunities. Colin Blackwell has one of two Blackhawks hat tricks in the 2023-24 season, with the other belonging to Jason Dickinson.

If Luke Richardson sees something that he likes, he's gonna build around that and create a good system to put his guys in positions to succeed. That type of momentum can span not just multiple games, but multiple seasons. We saw it with Joel Quenneville and we may just start to see it with Richardson too.

We may be eliminated from playoff contention this year, but that won't stop us from stacking good days and carrying them with us into the future.