The Chicago Blackhawks will Draft Second Overall in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft

Not to plan.
Minnesota v Michigan State
Minnesota v Michigan State / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The 2024 NHL Draft Lottery was just held in New Jersey and while the Chicago Blackhawks did not win this time around, it doesn't mean that Kyle Davidson won't draft a great player. Mackln Celebrini appears to be headed to San Jose (they won the draft lottery), the Blackhawks meanwhile will have a tough decision on their hands.

Artyom Levshunov, a tough two way defenseman from Belarus, will be a hard player to pass on. The 6'2 Michigan State Spartan is older for the class and just completed a successful first year in college. The right shot blue liner plays a position of need for Chicago as well. At the moment the Hawks are heavier on the left side of their defensive core. Could Levshunov be the latest defenseman from Michigan State to wear the Blackhawks orginial six jersey?

The other two options that the Blackhawks should look at appear to be forwards Ivan Demidov out of Russia and Cayden Lindstrom from the WHL. While they couldn't be more different in terms of their skill sets, the two forwards will likely get a long look from Kyle Davidson leading up to the June 28th draft.

SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action...
SKA Hockey Club player, Ivan Demidov (11) seen in action... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Demidov, an electric sub six foot wing, is widely regarded as one of the better offensive players in the draft. His "hands" skill trait is rated as a ten in some scouting services. This could be a deciding factor when thinking about Connor Bedard. Do you draft a player like Cayden Lindstrom and put him as your second line center (of the future) away from Bedard or do you draft Ivan Demidov and put him on Bedard's line as a right wing?

Cayden Lindstrom
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages

So the draft lottery is now over, it went exactly to the pre-lottery order this time. Chicago will draft second overall and most likely chose between one of these three players. Which one will they take? Tune in June 28th to find out inside the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Note: The fact that Chicago did not win this NHL draft means they are still eligible to win the 2025 NHL draft. Chicago should be improved and not be in the bottom three teams, however they are likely to be in the bottom eleven giving them a chance at winning yet another draft lottery.

Which player would you take at second overall if you were the Chicago Blackhawks?