The Connor Bedard Rookie Card Sweepstakes is Nearly Upon Us!

Ottawa Senators v Chicago Blackhawks
Ottawa Senators v Chicago Blackhawks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

In what many are calling one of the greatest and most anticipated trading card releases of all time, it looks like Series 2 (23-24 season of Upper Deck NHL Trading Cards) will release (per reports) on March 6th. Pre-sales are aleady underway at outrageous prices (anywhere from $90 - $300 - $3,550 per blaster pack tin) when you start to look online.

Ever since Connor Bedard was inching closer towards becoming draft eligible this day in the world of collectors was going to be a monumental one. With Chicago (an orginial 6 franchise) winning the draft lottery and securing the right to select the generational talent the appeal to enter into this "sweepstakes" grew even more. Now with just 15 days remaining it seems that everyone is eyeing to stake their claim as one of the lucky few that "pulls" a Connor Bedard rookie card.

Per Cardboard Connection (you can visit them at the 250 base card / 50 young guns (rookies) set will post an odds range of anywhere from 1 in 60 packs to 1 in 144 packs for the more standard Young Guns (possible Connor Bedard rookie card). There are also 386 rare cards in the Young Guns set:

Deluxe: 250 made

Exclusives: 100 made

Outburst Red: 25 made

High Gloss: 10 made

Outburst Gold: 1 of 1

The UD Canvas card set will look to incorporate rookies as well (with Hobby pack set exclusive Black and White Series). Overall Series 2 will provide no shortage of exciting specialty cards like Ecliptic, Glaring, Dazzlers, Honor Roll, Deep Roots, and the Connor McDavid "Monster Season" exclusive set this year.

With shows on collectiing like Netflix's "King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch" showing just how valuable rare cards are, March 6th will be like the Super Bowl to many in that particular business. Also of note: An "unopened" box may be the smart play if simply turning a profit is what your endgame is here with Series 2. The potential of a Connor Bedard (or any of the other highly touted rookies in this class) card pull could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the years or decades ahead to some looking for that chance in the years ahead.

Will you be one of the lucky few or one of the many unlucky ones when you open your pack next month?