The Draft's Top 10 is coming into Focus Now, Fan voted on Mock!

Seattle Thunderbirds v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2
Seattle Thunderbirds v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2 / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages

Now just a Michael Jordan-esque number of days until we finally hear Connor Bedard is a Blackhawk... However, that may be the only easy pick in the top 10. Today I did a community voted on top 10 mock draft. Some picks were landslides while others ended in 3 way ties that needed tie breakers.

This draft is shaping up to be one of the all-time best drafts in my view. It not only has franchise talent (plural) at the top, but quality top 6 / top 4 prospects in the top half of the first, to upwards of 50 prospects that look like good bets to make the NHL at some point (100 game marks as the benchmark).

So how did you vote?

1. Blackhawks - Connor Bedard 100% (I did not open this to the public, no need)

2. Ducks - Adam Fantilli 91% (Carlsson 5%)

3. Blue Jackets - Leo Carlsson 68% (Smith 17%)

4. Sharks - Matvei Michkov 58% (Smith 31%)

5. Canadiens - Will Smith 78% (Leonard 10%)

6. Coyotes - David Reinbacher 32% (Dvorsky / Leonard 32% - Tiebreaker to my recent mock)

7. Flyers - Ryan Leonard - 39% (Benson 27%, Dvorsky 20%)

8. Capitals - Zach Benson 42% (Dvorsky 39%)

9. Red Wings - Dalibor Dvorsky 37% (Moore 25%, Wood 20%, Sandin-Pellikka 18%)

10. Blues - Oliver Moore 52% (Sandin-Pellikka 20%, Wood 17%)

I will do the 11-20 community mock next and see whom is available at 19. I found this to be a very fun and exciting way to try and see if there was much of a consensus on whom everyone thought was being selected in which spot.

With around 1100 votes to make this happen I appreciate all that participated and helped me in this fun experiment. I want to get a truly good gauge of where the Blackhwaks would have to move if they wanted to get say an Oliver Moore. This is a player that fits exactly what the Chicago brass is telling us they want. So what would it cost to get to 8-9-10 in order to get him? That question is likely "more than we want to give up"... but one thing is for sure, we have the ammo and Kyle Davidson has said he is unlikely to use all of the picks in this draft.

As we wind down the days until June 28th, it's becoming more and more clear to me that the Arizona (for how long?) Coyotes could shape how the top half of the draft could shake out. With picks 6 and 12 and the ability to trade up from 12 or down from 6, it seems all roads could lead through Bill Armstrong (Coyotes GM).

One thing that won't be a surprise is the selection at #1 and with that FACT we can all rest easy on draft night.... no matter what else happens.