The Five Most Intriguing Trade Candidates For The Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks v Nashville Predators
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Marc-Andre Fleury
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2. Marc-Andre Fleury

Trading Marc-Andre Fleury is not a question of how and where, it is more a question of when. The Blackhawks should definitely give Fleury a chance at a Stanley Cup with a team that is missing a goalie. The only issue is not many teams are going to be able to make the contract work.

Fleury is making seven million through the end of this season. The Blackhawks can hold back half of that contract, but that still means some salary getting sent back the Blackhawks way. Not a lot of contending teams are in the market for a goalie, but there are a few that come to mind like the Edmonton Oilers or maybe even his old home in Pittsburgh.

Fleury getting traded should only be considered if he is willing to move. Kyle Davidson and company shouldn't consider trading Fleury until he says he wants to go else where. No matter how hard it would be to not get any return for Fleury, if he wants to play the season out in Chicago then the Blackhawks should let that happen for the future Hall of Fame goaltender.