The Five Most Intriguing Trade Candidates For The Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks v Nashville Predators
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Dylan Strome
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4. Dylan Strome

Dylan Strome deserves a chance with another team. There have been talks for a long time from Blackhawks fans and media alike calling for Strome to get a chance with another team. There are a lot of potential landing spots that could work for the still young forward.

Strome has seven points in 22 games with the Blackhawks, and has now seen to have found his way out of another coach's favor. Over the past five games for Strome you can see something very telling for how his season is going.

On December 15th against Washington, Strome's ice time was at one of his highest with 20:02 minutes of ice time, then after that game it fell to around 15 minutes down to 13 to where it was last game against the Calgary Flames last night when he had just 10:57 minutes of ice time.

The Blackhawks are not using Strome despite all their offensive struggles. If he cannot find his way into the lineup why not trade him for something now. They have already waited long enough to the point where his value cannot get any lower.