The Five Most Intriguing Trade Candidates For The Blackhawks

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Patrick Kane, Ilya Samsonov
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5. Patrick Kane

Moving Kane might be the biggest move the Blackhawks could make this season. That is, if he wants to go win elsewhere. When the Blackhawks did not bring back Crawford and traded Saad it showed the Hawks top two stars in Kane and Toews that the team was retooling on the fly. No matter how they felt about the moves, the main thing was the fact that they were going to try and compete during their final two seasons under contract.

Well, the last of two seasons is finally here, and the result is a team that is towards the bottom of the division once again and has been blown out big during their first two games of the season. Kane can go down in history as a Blackhawk for life. He can play out his career with the team and will have accomplished a lot, but I do not think another Stanley Cup is coming with this team for a while.

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If Kane wants another chance at a championship, the Blackhawks could work out a deal to a team he is interested in going to. They would have to hold back some salary, but the return would definitely be high. A deal like that would give the team their best chance at rebuilding quickly - especially when considering the fact that they do not have their first round pick this season.

Moving Kane would have to happen this season compared to next year. While they could move him next year at the deadline the trade wouldn't net as good of a return compared to moving him in the near future when another team would get basically two playoff runs with the best American born player of all time.