The Future is Now! World Juniors Tournament is in 1 Week.

St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks
St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

As the Blackhawks descend to the bottom of the NHL standings (they are currently the worst team in the league in both points and point %) it's important to take focus on what is actually important at this moment: The Future!

Kevin Korchinski, Nolan Allan, and Ethan Del Mastro will all man the left side of Team Canada's World Junior team starting in one week. Colton Dach also made Team Canada, however his role will be limited. Victor Stjernborg will play for Team Sweden as the other Chicago representative at the tournament.

Team Sweden is loaded with good talent, so it will be a good look at Stjernborg for Blackhawks fans that are unfamiliar with his play. Liam Ohgren, Fabian Lysell, Isak Rosen, Jonathan Lekkerimaki, Leo Carlsson, Filip Bystedt, Simon Robertson, Fabian Wagner, and Noah Ostlund is a who's who of NHL talent so it was impressive to see Stjernborg make this club.

Outside of Team Canada and Team USA, it's the Swedes that Blackhawk fans should take notice of. Not only do they have a drafted forward on the roster, but also potential Blackhawk, C Leo Carlsson will have a big role on the potential medal winning club.

I am beyond excited to see where this draft will take us. Will Davidson swing for the fences on a Matvei Michkov waiting game, will he get lucky and select in the top 2, or will it be a game of quantity by securing 3 first round picks and having them develop together?

Whichever direction the Hawks may be headed at the NHL level is irrelevant... as the present is truly only about one thing: The Future.

Game 1 for Team Canada is on December 26th against Czechia. Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, and all 4 Blackhawk prospect will be on display for us to watch. Team USA will showcase many "potential" Blackhawks as well: Gavin Brindley, Charlie Stramel, and Trey Augustine most notably.