Three changes that must happen for the Blackhawks in 2022

Nashville Predators v Chicago Blackhawks
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3. A Plan Is Made For The Future

The biggest change the Blackhawks need to make is regarding their future. The team has been treading water, trying to get by and focus on the next game. But someone needs to be in place for the future of the franchise. The longest contracts on the offense belong to Tyler Johnson and Brandon Hagel, none of the goalies that have played in the NHL this season have a contract for next season, and the team does not have a first-round draft pick in the upcoming draft.

The Blackhawks are not in the best position right now, and they need to angle themselves for success in the future, even if that comes after their current stars - Toews and Kane - are off of the team and out of the league.

The team has a lot of trade-able players that they could use to acquire assets for the future. How the team moves forward with the coaching staff, the general manager position, and other key pieces of the front office needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The team cannot drag their feat on naming a president of hockey operations. While they need to make sure they make the right choice, waiting too long is definitely not the right choice either.

Hopefully early in 2022 we will have an answer to the front office and the coaching staff, as well as what the team's plan is moving forward. The Blackhawks wrote a letter to fans over a year ago saying the team was rebuilding, then this summer showed they were ready to enter a new phase of contention, now it seems like they are back to square one.