Top 5 game-changing free agents the Blackhawks can take from the Eastern Conference

The Chicago Blackhawks best course of action is to build inward, but they could also be part of the surprises that the 2024 offseason will bring.
Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks
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Sam Reinhart, C/Florida Panthers

It would be tough for even a general manager as talented as Bill Zito to bring back everyone on this tough Florida Panthers team that ranks in the middle of the league in cap space. And it would also be tough to see Reinhart agree to return to a rebuilding team just a few seasons after he left the perpetually rebuilding Buffalo Sabres, so he may be the unlikeliest candidate on this list. 

But as mentioned in the first slide, it’s worth exploring, and it’s not like Kyle Davidson couldn’t afford to entice Reinhart with a deal that would persuade one of the NHL’s best forwards to join the Blackhawks. 

Before this season, Reinhart never scored over 33 goals in a single campaign, and he never logged over 82 points, but he blew both personal bests away in one season with 57 goals and 94 points. 

And remember, Reinhart’s game isn’t exclusive to the neutral and offensive zones, as he will land body checks, blocks, and takeaways, meaning his presence would provide far more scoring opportunities for Chicago. It may be nothing more than a dream at the moment, but remember, Reinhart is just 28, and he has a lot of good hockey left.