Trade Deadline: What do Blackhawks' Fans want to See?

Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers
Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Thirty-Eight days. That's how long it is until March 3rd.

11.5%. That's the Blackhawks' current odds at landing the #1 pick.

Alot will change as we pass these next 38 days, namely the teams that are with us at the bottom of the league standings will begin to grow. Anaheim, Columbus, Chicago, Arizona, and San Jose are all firmly in the running to be drafting high, however there are clear signs that some teams will join the fray.

Tonight's opponent Vancouver for one. The Canucks just went through a mishandling of a coaching change. They also made a wrong decision (my opinion) in the off season (Miller extension) that now leaves them with imminent cap issues. Bo Horvat, the teams' Captain, is having a career season as a pending UFA with 49 points in just 46 games. At 27, the former top 10 selection is a prime candidate to be traded.

So, what to do? The Canucks have a clearly talented roster full of high draft picks and "in their prime" contributors. If they trade Horvat though, it may be good for the Blackhawks in one regard: The 2024 2nd Round pick (along with Jason Dickinson) we received for Riley Stillman. If the Canucks get worse and are in the bottom few teams next season, we could recieve a very valuable pick in the early 30s.

If I had to guess, based on their 2-9 record in the month, I would say there is a clear trend that the Canucks will be joing the bottom 5 teams.

Other notable players that may be moved include (rumored): Timo Meier, Erik Karlsson, Jakob Chychrun, Vladislav Gavrikov, Ryan O'Reilly, and Tyler Bertuzzi. Of course our own Hawks are on our minds as well. Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Connor Murphy, Max Domi, and Jake McCabe most notably. If I had to guess I'd say Toews does accept a move to a contender and Kyle Davidson trades Jake McCabe when he receives his 3rd first round pick he so covets.

I recenetly ran a poll about Patrick Kanes' current trade value. It was a runaway with 1,150 votes that Kane would have a return of a 1st round pick, an A prospect (former 1st round pick under 23 years old), and a 3rd round pick.

To put this in context per some of the common teams discussed regarding Patrick Kane:

From New York Rangers: 2023 1st Rd Pick (NYR), LW Brennan Othmann (2021 #16), 2024 3rd

From Carolina Hurricans: 2023 1st Rd Pick (CAR), RD Scott Morrow (2021 #40), 2024 3rd

From Colorado Avalance: 2023 1st Rd Pick (COL), LD Sean Behrens (2021 #61), 2025 3rd

From Buffalo Sabres: 2021 #9 overall Matt Savoie, Rights to G Erik Portillo (2019 #67), 2023 2nd Rd (PHI). I believe the Blackhawks would be wise to leverage the home town angle here if Patrick Kane says Buffalo is an option. Buffalo may be quite good moving forward thusly making any future picks not as desirable. I would target some of their recent 1st round wings like Jack Quinn, JJ Peterka (Reichels' buddy), and recent selection Matthew Savoie.

Without a 2023 1st included I would think that asking for one of Jack Quinn or Matt Sovoie would be a must. Also, why wouldn't they add in one of those players? They would make so much on the jersey and ticket sales if Kane wore a Sabres jersey any amount of compensation would be forgotten instantly.

Lastly, I want to add a very important note: We want Toronto to be good, to get better, and beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in round 1. The odds of them meeting in round 1 are quite high at the present moment. Owning the Lightnings' 1st, we would like to see them out as soon as the 1st round. That means if there is a big move (Meier, Horvat, O'Reilly, or McCabe) we want Toronto to be involved.

It should be an exciting next 38 days Hawks' fans!