The Weekly Macklin Celebrini Watch: Chicago Blackhawks Barely Leading In The Race For Best NHL Draft Lottery Odds

The San Jose Sharks remain a point behind the Blackhawks.

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Any other teams we have to worry about in the Tankathon standings?

The Anaheim Ducks won two games last week, so they are now 12 points behind the Blackhawks in the race to the bottom. The Ducks can also trade away players but with how badly the Hawks are struggling, it is hard to see them going on a huge streak while Anaheim goes on a major losing streak to get them in the race for the top odds.

The Columbus Blue Jackets just ripped apart the Hawks last night, so even if they trade away assets, it is going to be hard for them to make a 15-point difference if the Blackhawks play at this incredible level of bad.

The Hawks have been so bad this season that they have yet to win three straight games. Even if all the basement teams trade away players, only the San Jose Sharks have a real chance to land ahead of the Blackhawks in the NHL Draft Lottery.

How did Macklin Celebrini play last week?

The prize of the year's draft had a bye-week. I apologize for misreading the schedule in my last update.

Boston University actually wraps up their regular season this week with a road game on Thursday against Providence and then home for the season finale against Vermont on Saturday. Boston U is four points behind Boston College in the Hockey East standings. If BC wins one of its next two games, they will win the conference.

Celebrini currently leads the Terriers in goals scored with 26 and points with 48.

Blackhawks prospect Ryan Greene is fifth on the team in goals with nine, and fourth in assists and points.