Here Is What You Would Do With Lukas Reichel vs. What the Chicago Blackhawks Are Doing

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports
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We asked you what would be the best option be.

Our poll on X, formerly known as Twitter, revealed the majority of the fan base believes Reichel should be demoted.

A demotion makes sense. A lot of his issues are just focus, confidence, and engagement in the game. A trip to Rockford might get him to realize he cannot take the NHL for granted. Who knows what is going on in Reichel's head? Only he knows, but his body language on the ice right now shows a player who would rather be any place else.

If that is the case, he can enjoy the AHL life with that attitude.

Okay, that is a little bit harsh. It is not like we want to see him fail. This is still a very highly skilled offensive player. The Hawks desperately need players like him. Especially to play with Bedard.

We have seen the offense get bogged down with Bedard sometimes because players are just standing around watching him do amazing things. That is what happens when you pair him up with less skilled players. Think about how the offense looked with Patrick Kane last season compared to when he was out.

That is not a slam on Bedard. It is just a call to get more talent capable of playing with Bedard. Reichel is one of those players. Heck, the Colorado game was a classic example of that.

He had a chance to be the offensive focus when Bedard was lost to a fractured jaw. Reichel instead got worse.

Maybe the next wakeup call needs to come in Rockford.