Here Is What You Would Do With Lukas Reichel vs. What the Chicago Blackhawks Are Doing

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports
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What solution are the Chicago Blackhawks going with?

It appears Richardson is going with benching Reichel.

With the possibility of injuries always looming over this team like a dark cloud, keeping Reichel in the NHL is not a terrible idea. The Hawks are about to start a four-game west coast/western Canada road swing.

Having Reichel physically with the team is needed if another forward goes down instead of trying to find him a flight to say, Edmonton from Grand Rapids if he is needed. The logistics make too much sense.

Make no mistake about it, he would be one of the first players the Hawks call back up in case they need to fill a spot. He can still physically skate at the NHL level and fill spots on all four lines better than what the Hawks currently have in Rockford. Although demoting him and not calling him right back up would send a message.

At the same time, that might be too harsh. Plus, it is not like the organization is disgusted with him. Richardson feels bad for the kid.

Maybe Reichel just needs some time to sit in the press box to get his competitive juices flowing. He did seem to skate better after his early-season, one-game benching. Maybe a longer stay as a healthy scratch will finally get him going.

If that does not work, then the Blackhawks need to get him going to the IceHogs.