Which American Sport has the Best Draft?

From boring, to overly long, to exciting in the moment trades....

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Last night the NBA draft came to it's conclusion. I watched all of 5 minutes of the event as it truly wasn't that entertaining. I checked on the internet to see where some of my favorite players went and was surprised those teams selected them. What the Pacers reached for who!? Then on social media I realized there was a trade etc... So whom did they "actually" draft. Oh, Jarace Walker? Ok, that makes more sense now.

Point being, the NBA draft is confusing, in my opinion boring, and lacks a certain entertainment quality to it that should be there. This is the culminating experience of these young athletes hardwork after all. Let's party, right? They did get all dressed up...

I ran a poll yesterday that could end up with 1,000 votes on this subject. What is the most "entertaining" American sports draft? I thought I may make it an international one with thoughts of the Australian Football Draft, The Hundred, KHL, and PSL Draft in mind as well. In the end though it was clear: The NFL and NHL do their events the best.

At the present moment the NFL has a 59% to 34% lead on the NHL. For me it has to do with a few factors. First and foremost, venue. The traveling circus that is the NFL Draft is exciting because it literally takes over cities for a few days with setups and spectacle. The NHL does something similar, but perhaps to a smaller scale.

The second thing that really stands out are the annoucements of trades. The commissioner will say something along the lines of "there is a trade to announce" and the crowd, both in person or at home, collectively hold their breath. Just going back to last year and the Kirby Dach deal that netted the Blackhawks both Frank Nazar at #13 and Gavin Hayes with the #66 pick. I believe I speak for both franchises in saying, "we are happy" with the deal.

There are some clear misses for me though on these events. Some ideas I've always thought would be cool to see from a production standpoint include:

1. Well-known live musical openings to kick the event off in style

2. An actual on stage M.C. to interject during down periods, introduce the teams, liven up the crowd with amusement at times. I understand that the panel crew does this, but to see a standing M.C. be a consistent force for at least round 1 would be cool to me.

3. More of a camera focus on the team tables and their "walking abouts" and "intense phone faces".. it would add to the drama and speculation before a pick is announced. Certainly no sound on the floor should be available as these are likely intense times for those involved, but a focus on this view would be fascinating to me.

For me, this is about the athletes. In what ways could the league put on a "show" to really make this amazing day for them the most memorable? From a fan perspective, without adding too much time to the event, what would make this a more entertaining overall experience?

What ideas do you have? Is the NHL Draft perfect as is or would any of mine or your ideas make it a more fun experience to watch or attend? Please comment in the twitter feed below.