Will Frank Nazar be a Chicago Blackhawk by Season's End?

Michigan v Massachusetts-Amherst
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The 32nd ranked team (points % wise), the Chicago Blackhawks are a hard working team, decimated by injuries, that lacks finishing and offensive skilled forwards. That really isn't up for debate at this point, it's just a fact and the main reason Chicago finds itself on pace for a 49 point season.

As the NCAA season winds down and enters tournament mode it's noteworthy that if a team like Michigan doesn't go that far there could be some time at the end of the year for Frank Nazar III to sign and play with the Chicago Blackhawks. Already 20 (2 weeks ago), Nazar has had a productive year as eluded to in the prior page notes at the World Juniors and in Ann Arbor. Would he want to forgo another development year at Michigan? That seems to be the question, as the Michigan native now has a premiere role for one of the nation's best collegiate teams.

Michigan v Notre Dame
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As the Chicago Blackhawks continue to plug roster holes with players from the AHL or from the free agent pool, it's now becoming evident that players like Frank Nazar III (also Landon Slaggert of Notre Dame) could be in uniform before the season comes to an end.