Will Jonathan Toews Retire at Seasons' End

Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers
Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Our captain hasn't played since the 28th of last month and it's beginning to sound more and more like he will not be traded. The rumors are out there that he is out of shape, weighs alot, and that this flu may be related to his Chronic Immune Response Syndrome.

These are all speculation, rumblings, and rumors thrown out there to get reactions. What I know is what I see out on the ice. What I see, is not Jonathan Toews. This season has been a mixed bag play wise for our captain, whom started strong but has tailed off of late.

In 46 games, he has 14 goals and 28 points for a 50 point pace per 82 game season. These numbers are pretty good, they say he could be a solid second line center for most teams. Add onto that the above 60% faceoffs, leadership, and two way play and Jonathan Toews still seems like he can play.

In 10 weeks Toews will turn 35 and his 8 year contract will end. This will mark the first true crossroads of his life. It seems like Kyle Davidson is ready to move on and is unlikely to offer him a new deal (my opinion). Would he want to start over with a new team next season where he may have to learn a new coach, arena, training staff, team, and city? Would he be ok with not wearing the "C" for that matter?

At this point all the signs are pointing to Jonathan Toews, a man that has many interest outside of hockey, may hang up the skates. Let's enjoy the games we have left with #19 on the ice and cheer him on until the final horn sounds!