With 10 Days Remaining, the Chicago Blackhawks have all Options on the Table.

Chicago Blackhawks v Toronto Maple Leafs
Chicago Blackhawks v Toronto Maple Leafs / Claus Andersen/GettyImages

There are now only 10 days until the March 3rd deadline. The Hawks have yet to make a move. Sure, they are in the headlines but if you truly read into them from the "insiders" they are all just speculation pieces.

That's fine, they are interesting and fun to read. Still, there aren't players being sat for "trade reasons" or tweets that "looks like something is happening today". No, it's all just hear-say and opinion information. Even today there were rumors running rampant that Boston was going to trade for Gavrikov for at least a 1st round pick package.

Nothing for the Blackhawks though, no details or outline of a deal have emerged simply because it seems that Kyle Davidson has every option on the table still at his disposal. Sam Lafferty and Jake McCabe still have term left so they could not even be traded in favor of trading them next season if Davidson doesn't get an offer he likes.

Patrick Kane has final say in any deal and Jonathan Toews will now not be traded. Some of the secondary pieces may even want to re-sign with Chicago thusly making them stay for Davidson if he agrees. He knows he needs to reach the cap floor as well. So re-signing some of these veterans and then re-visiting their value next season may be the right way to go.

No, nothing seems imminent right now for the Chicago Blackhawks. Do the Meier, Chychrun, and Gavrikov dominos still need to fall? Maybe, but one thing is for sure at this stage: that all options still seem to be on the table for the Blackhawks.