With Corey Perry's Contract now Terminated, will an NHL Team Sign Him?

Chicago Blackhawks v Florida Panthers
Chicago Blackhawks v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

GM Kyle Davidson announced in a press conference Tuesday afternoon that the Blackhawks have terminated the contract of Corey Perry. This came after Perry was a late healthy scratch on November 22nd, followed by an announcement three days later he would be away from the team for the foreseeable future.

The Blackhawks said in their statement that after an internal investigation they determined that Perry participated in conduct that was unacceptable and was a violation of team policies and Perry's contract. Davidson did not get into specific details on exactly what happened here.

What we do know however is that the rumors surrounding this situation on social media were completely false. I'm sure everyone reading this article knows what I am talking about. GM Kyle Davidson called these rumors "wildly inaccurate" and "frankly disgusting". Bottom line, Corey Perry did something that was deemed a violation of team policies and his contract, so much so that he is no longer a member of the Chicago Blackhawks. (www.blackhawks.com for the statement)

With Corey Perry gone and Taylor Hall out for the season, Bedard doesn't have the veterans around him to guide him like he did at the beginning of the year. Davidson has since acquired veteran winger Anthony Beaviillier from the Vancouver Canucks for a conditional 5th round pick. Bedard, the young phenom has had a great start to his Blackhawk career and this most likely won't effect him too much, but it's never a bad thing to have veteran players around a rookie. It gives them comfort in knowing his linemates and team have been there and done that.

As for Corey Perry's future in the NHL, this might be it. It will depend on if details ever come out about this situation. Now, with him clearing waivers and having his contract officially terminated by Chicago teams might shy away from the idea of signing him after this. If he does play again, more than likely a version of the truth will have to come out to help exonerate a team's decision to sign the veteran.

Anyway you look at it, while NHL teams are desperate for cheap contributors in top 9 roles, this may be a situation currently too hot to handle for any franchise at the moment.