Would Patrick Kane Accept a Trade to Carolina?

Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks
Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

After his first multi-goal game in what feels like forever, this could be the start of a good run for Patrick Kane. After some tough games ahead against Toronto, Vegas, and Dallas the Blackhawks will then have 3 games against lower competition.

If Patrick Kane could re-establish his value than hopefully a team like the Carolina Hurricanes could come calling. To me they are a team that is missing that playmaking wing. The team is a great team, but at the present moment they certainly are lacking that "final piece".

Would Patrick Kane, whom is a hockey historian, want to play for a team that formerly were the Whalers then moved to North Carolina in 1997? The two teams he was interested in were both historic teams (Leafs and Rangers) afterall. It doesn't seem to fit with the story he wants to have I suppose, but from a roster standpoint I can't find a better fit.

They currently have the 22nd best power play and are missing that passer from the right side to help out there crop of elite talent in between the dots and on the left side on rushes. Kane fills this void. There is also the marketing they could do with the name Kane / Canes / HurriKanes etc... which while "cheesey" would be quite fun.

No, it doesn't seem like Patrick Kane would choose to play for Carolina, but he should. I believe they are a Patrick Kane away from being one of the truly elite contenders for this seasons' Stanley Cup.