Would Patrick Kane make the Carolina Hurricanes the Favorites?

Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks
Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Today on "The Athletic Hockey Podcast" (www.theathletic.com) they interviewed Carolina Hurricanes' GM Don Waddell. Typically, he wouldn't be so candid with what his team is thinking in terms of moves. This interview however was very telling to me.

Not only did he say that their 1st round pick could be at play this year, but also hinted that he is active in talking with some GMs that have players that are clearly on the market. It was a good interview and one that made me excited for this possibility:

Patrick Kane to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Now, I know that Kane likely would want to join a more prestigious team (one with a long winning history) however Carolina is currently the second best team in the NHL. At 34-10-8, the Hurricanes still lack that game-breaking playmaker when the game is on the line. Wouldn't Patrick Kane look nice making a saucer pass to Tuevo? Or getting a nice cross ice feed on a power play from Aho?

It's a team that looked like a complete team once Max Pacioretty returned from injury, but now looks like a team that will be missing something in the playoffs. Timo Meier is an option here, but can they sign him long term after giving up what would certainly be a more steep price than Kane would require?

The options are many for Don Waddell and the Hurricanes, but one thing is certain: Patrick Kane is an option should he agree to go to Carolina.