Would Patrick Kane want to play for the Sabres?

Buffalo Sabres v Chicago Blackhawks
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Listening to Patrick Kanes' comments on Monday were certainly eye opening. He is usually very measured with not giving many extra details when asked questions about his future. Yesterday was a little different however as it truly seemed like he may be considering moving on from the Chicago Blackhawks.

NBC Sports' Charlie Roumeliotis relayed these quotes. Please visit Charlie @CRoumeliotis or visit www.nbcsportschicago.com/blackhawks to see more on Kanes' comments.

"There’s definitely opportunities out there that are intriguing and could be exciting. ... But we’re not really at that point."

' Patrick Kane said his agent Pat Brisson informed him that a few teams have reached out and expressed interest

Could his home town Buffalo Sabres have interest in bringing Kane into their fold? To me it makes alot of sense. This is a team ready to compete and on the rise in the NHL. They now have that elite star in center Tage Thompson, they have two #1 overall defenseman, and they have a huge contingent of goal scoring forwards.

This is where Patrick Kane should see a team that could be even better with his passing and playmaking skills. Alex Tuch, Jeff Skinner, and Jack Quinn would all benefit immediately from Kanes' arrival.

Despite being Patrick Kane's home, Buffalo is also a franchise that appears ready to truly compete at the highest level. If Kane did accept a trade to Buffalo, I would expect an extension in the 3-4 year range to follow. It would be a difficult move for Kane to accept and one that would likely see some re-relocation for his family. Still, it would make alot of sense to me in terms of both legacy and his current situation. Kane would go from a bottom team to immediately competing for a playoff spot. Not only that, but I believe the Sabres should be in contention for a cup run over the next 3 years.

Out of all the rumored teams (NYR, TOR, COL, VGK, etc) I feel Buffalo is the team Patrick Kane should go to. It reminds me in a way of how Marian Hossa was viewing the Blackhawks. Not comparing their roster to ours, however I do think they have alot of pieces "ready" to ascend to a higher level the way our Blackhawks were at that time.

If a deal with the Sabres were discussed I believe Kyle Davidson (knowing an extension was happening) would ask for their 2023 1st, one of their 2023 2nd rounders (they have 3), and a top prospect out of this group:

Isak Rosen, JJ Peterka, Matthew Savoie, Juri Kulich, Josh Bloom, and Jack Quinn.

Let's start with Quinn. He is not going anywhere. He has really had a strong rookie season and appears like a legit top 6 forward. Matthew Savoie was a top 10 pick in the last draft and could be a big part of their future. I don't know if they would let him go AND include a 1st.

I also think Juri Kulich presents too much potential for the Sabres to include him in a deal. I believe that JJ Peterka should be Davidsons key player to try and acquire. Rosen and Bloom would be the two forwards I would try for if the Sabres do not budge on Peterka.

Jj Peterka
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Peterka is a German-born forward that was an early 2nd round pick when we selected Lukas Reichel. They have played together and I'm sure that connection would be a huge draw for Davidson. He is having a strong rookie year with 19 points in just 48 games. The 21 year old would immediately be in the plans as a long time answer as a middle 6 wing.

Bloom is a high scoring, big bodied, wing in the OHL. For the past 3 seasons in the OHL, the 19 year old has been just below a point per game. Bloom was a 3rd round pick in 2021. Rosen is a Swedish wing that was drafted very high (14th in 2021) although I believed then as I do now that he will need some time to develop. In the AHL he has 20 points in 35 games and only shows in flashes. He played well in the World Juniors with 6 points in their 7 game run.

I think that Patrick Kanehas these as his options:

1. Finish out the year in Chicago, talk Davidson into an extension to end career with the Blackhawks. Try and get all the records I can in that time.

2. Ask for a trade to a true cup contender like the Rangers. Become a free agent and see if Chicago would like to reunite (no guarantee of that, risky perhaps).

3. Be traded to a team that can extend me and that I would be happy finishing my career with.

Those have to be the 3 options he is always thinking about. He is likely factoring in Patrick Kane III, Amanda, his family that moved, his legacy with the Blackhawks, and what his happiness level would be if he left Chicago. No question about it, these are difficult things for anyone to consider.... let alone a future Hall of Fame athlete like Patrick Kane.

I decided to attack this deadline in two ways: What would I do if I were Patrick Kane. What will Patrick Kane do? For me, I would move back to Buffalo and extend. That team is ready to explode and it would be an amazing story. Yet, I'm still firmly believing Patrick Kane wants his legacy to say one original 6 team on his hockey card.

Best guess: Patrick Kane isn't going anywhere, but if it were me I'd pick the Sabres.