Zayne Parekh Profile, Is he a Future Chicago Blackhawk?

At first thought no, at second glance ?
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It's hard to deny that Zayne Parekh is one of the most intriguing and talented prospects in this upcoming draft. His skill traits as an offensive defenseman are at an elite level when it comes to his skating prowess, shifty-ness, offensive IQ in terms of activation, and his wrist shot. As an RD and at a decently projected size and frame, it's easy to imagine Zayne Parekh not escpaing the top 10 in the 2024 draft.

Chicago, just 2 drafts ago, drafted Kevin Korchinski as a potential long term solution as a power play quarterback though. Eventhough Parekh is a right shot, with Korchinski as a left shot, having Parekh in the system would definitely seem like a luxury over maybe some more glaring needs. Then there are the concerns over the ability to play a two way game. While fleet of foot (skate), Parekh tends to rely on his stick poke checks when defending instead of using stand-ups or physcially pinching in gap coverage.

When it comes to Zayne Parekh, the most likely sceanrio is that a team drafting in the 5-10 range that is looking for a dynamic offensive blue liner that can lead a power play from the point while activating in 5 on 5 rushes will select the OHL standout. If that is Chicago, Blackhawk Up would be surprised but not disappointed for the simple reason that a player like this doesn't come around that often.

Zayne Parekh
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