It’s Pat Foley Night At The United Center

By Keith Schultz

Pat Foley- Chicago Blackhawks Announcer For 30 Years! (picture courtesy of

My earliest Hawks memories are not turning on the TV and watching the Blackhawks.  My first memories of being a Hawks fan was listening to Pat Foley on the radio with my Dad.  Yes that sounds like the middle ages no TV but for one Hawks home games weren’t televised ever and road games were on Sportsvision and yes we weren’t the first family on the block to get cable TV.

Of course one thing from that time was hearing him exclaim Bannerman on every BIG SAVE, but it seemed like once a game Denis Savard would go for the spin-0-rama all of which Foley would make sound like the most exciting thing ever.  I remember when we finally did get cable and we watched a game not announced by Foley how boring it sounded.  When I did my personal top 10 Blackhawks  of my lifetime I put Pat Foley as my #9 Blackhawk.  He made all the Hawks exciting to watch before you could watch them on every evening like tonight from the United Center.

With the Hawks honoring Foley for his 30 years as the Hawks announcer  here are a few story links about my favorite hockey announcer.

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Hopefully the Hawks will give Foley plenty of moments to proclaim HE SCORES!!!!!!! tonight against the Predators. Either way thanks for always being there for Hawks fans and we are all looking forward to hearing Foley well into June this season.