Chicago Blackhawks Stan Bowman: Let’s Make A Deal!!


One of the shows that seemed very popular when I was a kid and one for some reason my parents wouldn’t let us watch (I guess they didn’t like the costumes) was Let’s Make A Deal.  It’s back and now with Wayne Brady as the host with it’s doors and zonks but it will never be the same as it was during it’s hey days in the 60’s and 70’s with Monty Hall as your host.  Well today looks like a day where Stan Bowman makes a deal and let’s hope he opens the correct door.

One thing that is for sure about Stan during the his era as GM of the Chicago Blackhawks is that every year the Blackhawks are rumored to be going after someone and in the end he goes a total different direction.  No one had him picking up Johnny Oduya, Michal Handzus or David Rundblad the past three seasons.

One other thing is that he’s never been willing to deal #1 draft picks or deal players in Rockford that he’s high on which in the end doesn’t make sense when he’s just given up on players like Brandon Pirri and Jeremy Morin when Joel Quenneville hasn’t had any use for them but that’s an entirely different topic.

So on to today and the fact that Stan Bowman has said that they are close to a trade and are pretty much open to any possibility whether it is offense or defense.

There are plenty of rumors out there from Antione Vermette to Jeff Skinner which would be very costly for the Blackhawks.  The questions will be is Stan buying a rental or is he going to acquire a piece to stick around for a while.  That question to me is the bigger issue when trying to win Championships.  Rentals don’t always work out just ask the Pittsburgh Penguins who have tried that route for several unsuccessful years now.  Every player the Blackhawks have picked up at the deadline lately has played with the team the following season so it’s always been an addition not just a 3-4 month rental.

One thing I’m surprised by is that Antti Raanta is still with the Blackhawks, when the Scott Darling call up and extension happened it looked like a deal was in place and their have been plenty of rumors with Raanta involved out there but nothing has happened yet.

The one problem for Bowman may be that the LA Kings pushed the market up too high for Bowman’s liking with the Kings giving up a 1st round pick for Sekera and we know that first round picks are gold in Bowman’s eyes.

Speaking of eyes all of them are on Bowman today and plenty of fans are starting to lose trust in the mantra #InStanWeTrust so it’s a big day and week for Bowman after the Patrick Kane injury and a cast of players who are supposed to win a Stanley Cup this season or who’s proverbial window is closing due to the Toews/Kane extensions kicking in.

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All signs point to Bowman working hard to make a move today the question will be does he open the right door in the NHL trade deadline game of Let’s Make A Deal!

Who do you think Bowman should acquire?

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