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Chicago Blackhawks Flashback: Anything’s Possible

By Colin Likas

It’s Wednesday, meaning some Blackhawk Up readers are about halfway through their work week. So I’m going to provide a blast to the past each Hump Day to give you all a little extra oomph and help you get to the weekend. The Chicago Blackhawks have done a lot of funny or endearing video spots since the organization emerged from its dark days. Those spots will be the topic of these flashback posts.

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We’re on our seventh week of the flashback post (check out the previous entries below), and seven tends to be viewed as a lucky number. So today, we’re going to look at people getting very lucky courtesy the Blackhawks and the Illinois Lottery.

The Anything’s Possible Series was (and maybe still is; I’m not totally certain) a way for the Blackhawks to offer a thank you to some of the team’s biggest fans with Illinois Lottery also getting in on the act. Probably the most memorable moment to come from all of this was Patrick Sharp dressing up in a dog suit, with his No. 10 jersey over it, to “surprise a Blackhawks fan named Deb.”

Woof! (Screenshot from YouTube)

So off went Sharp in his dog costume, carrying a basket of assorted treats for Deb. We see him walk across the Chicago River and eventually stop at a building in what I would assume is the downtown area. Then, he spotted Deb and rushed up to her, not revealing who he really was.

Deb seemed pleasantly surprised and gave the dog a kiss, after which Sharp turned and pointed to the name on his jersey, trying to tell Deb who is under the dog head without taking it off. Sharp acted all goofy beneath the mask before pointing out Tommy Hawk, who was also there for the display.

Tommy got a kiss too, and Deb seemed far more excited about the well-known Blackhawks mascot coming to see her than a random dog dressed in a Sharp jersey. That is, until the reveal.

This day just got infinitely better. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Sharp removed the dog head and simply said, “Sup, Deb? I’m Patrick” as Tommy Hawk popped some confetti into the air. The look on Deb’s face told the entire story, as she found enough of her voice to say “Hoooly …” There was a very quick edit after that word, so she may’ve said a little more that wasn’t exactly safe for promotional usage.

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But could you blame her? Patrick Sharp had shown up to thank her for being a Blackhawks fan. This wasn’t some random guy in a dog suit who gave her tickets to an upcoming game. This was one of the team’s top players, and easily among the most recognizable. How many organizations do something like that?

Deb was still lost for words after sharing a hug with Sharp, apologizing for giving Tommy Hawk a better hug than the dog that turned out to be a star hockey player. Deb then poked some fun at her friend Mindy, who probably didn’t get to meet Patrick Sharp this day.

Some bystanders began to take photos of the scene as Sharp gave Deb some lottery tickets courtesy Illinois Lottery. Oh, and we get the hilarious throwaway line at the end that Deb thinks her moment with Sharp is “better than getting married.” Sorry, other guy.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time the Blackhawks collaborated with the Illinois Lottery. A few more videos from the partnership are below, including Patrick Kane working at a Blackhawks store and Sharp roaming around Chicago with a strange little leprechaun.

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