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Chicago Blackhawks: Kane Evidence A Hoax, D.A. Says

By Matt Barbato

Throw out everything you’ve heard about the rape investigation surrounding Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane during the past two days. According to Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, it’s all artificial.

Sedita said during a press conference Friday that the evidence found at the doorstep of the mother of Kane’s accuser on Tuesday is fake, and that the entire story of how the evidence appeared on the mother’s doorstep that was told to and later by the former lawyer of Kane’s accuser, Thomas Eoannou, was a hoax devised by the mother. This helps explain why Eoannou stepped away from the case Thursday evening.

The District Attorney began his press conference Friday by describing the process in which rape kit evidence is handled and contained. He emphasized the fact that rape kit evidence is contained in a box, not a bag, contrary to the mother’s story. He also showed video evidence of law enforcement storing the evidence in a locker to prove that there was no bag and that the evidence was never actually taken.

Sedita said the mother will likely not be charged of any crime for her hoax.

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Eoannou decided to step down from representing the accuser after revealing there was a “misrepresentation” in the circumstances of how that bag reportedly containing the accuser’s rape kit evidence was found. Sedita said Eoannou’s actions were reckless, but sincere.

After all of these developments, the likelihood that this case is presented to a grand jury is entirely unknown. The case was supposed to be heard by an Erie County grand jury on Sept. 8, but that was postponed. Now, Sedita said he’s unsure if the case will even be heard by a grand jury at all.

The Chicago Blackhawks play their third preseason game against the Montreal Canadiens tonight. Kane did not travel to Montreal, which is typical for stars during the preseason. The next Blackhawks’ home game is Saturday night in a preseason tilt against the St. Louis Blues.

The publicity and incompetency surrounding this case will make it even harder for the legal process to play out. Sedita was visibly frustrated Friday morning, and he may not even know where this case is headed.

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