Patrick Sharp Looks To Be Coming Home Tomorrow

NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 02: Patrick Sharp
NEWARK, NJ - JANUARY 02: Patrick Sharp /

NHL free agency officially starts tomorrow, and according to reports Patrick Sharp will be coming home on Saturday. 

Insider Bob McKenzie says that it’s basically a done deal tomorrow that Patrick Sharp is coming home.

This has been rumored all week long, but with Bob McKenzie stating that it looks like it’s going to happen really makes it feel like reality!

Since the rumor has been floating around for a while lately, I ran a poll on Twitter which got the most votes ever for one of my Twitter polls with over 1,000 votes. The surprising thing was that 46% of voters didn’t want Sharp to return.

My thing about Sharp returning is it has to be cheap like Brian Campbell‘s deal last year.  Stan Bowman can’t be giving Sharp a ton of money to come back home especially since he’s in his mid 30’s coming off hip surgery.

Can Sharp still be effective at his age? Sure, I think he can, but the term has to be a discount because the Hawks still have holes on their defense. I know i’m the first person to want to put youth on the squad, but looking at the defense as it stands right now is a little frightening.

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My other thought about Sharp coming back would be to put Sharp on a line with Nick Schmaltz centering with maybe Ryan Hartman on the other side.  Putting Sharp with say Brandon Saad and Jonathan Toews would be a Joel Quenneville thing, but not what will help the Hawks get past the Nashville Predators in the playoffs next spring.

Sharp coming home doesn’t bother me, it’s everything else that goes with it that could go wrong that is kind of scary.

What do you think of Sharp coming back home?

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We will find out tomorrow probably if Bob is right as he usually is!