Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Most Hated Player In NHL

MONTREAL, QC - MARCH 14: Jonathan Toews
MONTREAL, QC - MARCH 14: Jonathan Toews /

Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews is one of my all-time favorite players, but when you leave the city it’s amazing  how much other dislike #19. 

So, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and although I listen to quite a few Chicago Blackhawks, I also listen to a bunch of ones from around the NHL. The one thing that they have in common is that they not only dislike, but they hate Jonathan Toews.

Being inside a bubble as a Chicago Blackhawks fan, you feel like everyone loves #19 except for rival fans.  Blackhawks fans call him Captain Serious, and he has always come up big in big spots through the years as the Chicago Blackhawks Captain and on ice leader.

I always thought Sidney Crosby was the player everyone didn’t like, but it seems like the tide has shifted after Crosby fought through concussions for seemingly years to then lead his team to back to back Stanley Cup Championships.

I guess there could be multiple reasons why Toews has snuck up the most hated list in the NHL.  The first one could be just pure jealousy! If you are writer or a fan of a team and Toews wins a whole lot for the past decade then of course you are not going to like him.

He’s been handed the Stanley Cup 3 times by Gary Bettman (the most hated person in all of hockey) which would make him a target for anyone I guess.

The second reason has to be the outdoor games.  Everyone jokes about the Blackhawks playing all the time outside.  It’s because John McDonough and Rocky Wirtz will do anything to get their franchise on television and will do anything the commissioner asks which really has nothing to do with Toews at all.  I feel like Toews and Patrick Kane get lumped in with this even though they have no control over where the team plays.

The last reason has to be the biggest one of all and that is the 100 Greatest Players of all time list. These lists are made for controversy and to get people talking about things which is exactly what happened when the Chicago Blackhawks got 3 current players on the list with Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith made the list.

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Everyone points out Jonathan Toews points when they talk about the list, but my argument is that you don’t have to put up 100 points (which is incredibly hard in this era anyways) to be a great player.  Toews offense digressed last year, but it’s more pointed to the coach who continually juggles his line mates most of the season.  I really believe Toews could have one of his best seasons to date this year with the return of Brandon Saad to the roster.

Toews is clutch which to me means a lot more than meaningless goals in the 80’s when the goalies were no where near as good as they are today.

Of course, this is me just listening to podcasts which can be guys yucking it up for their fanbase making fun of Toews.  #19 was still the 4th best jersey purchase in the NHL last season so maybe it’s not as bad as I think out there after all.

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If you want to get fired up about our Captain listen to a podcast, any NHL podcast and listen to what they say about Toews!  You will be hot around the collar!