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The Chicago Blackhawks have had plenty of great defenseman, and they also have had very decent ones that went on to have long careers in the studio and booth which is why we are talking about Steve Konroyd

For this generation of Chicago Blackhawks fans, one thinks of Steve Konroyd as a studio and sometimes color analyst for the Chicago Blackhawks.  I think he’s pretty good in the studio before games, but it’s when he’s in the booth with Pat Foley that opinions differ greatly.

If you like the Ed Olczyk/Foley broadcast team that tends to yuck it up during the regular season with soft serve ice cream and tree turdy tree, then you don’t like Konroyd in the booth because he is a bit dry.  If you want a serious broadcast with Foley as the star, then Steve is a perfect foil to Pat.

I don’t mind either style, and if you miss Steve in the booth here is how excited he was after an overtime winner in 2012.

As you can tell not much excitement compared to Foley’s excitement!

Before he became a retired hockey player, Konroyd was well a hockey player, and he played for the Chicago Blackhawks for over 250 regular season games.

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Konroyd played on the Chicago Blackhawks team that won the President’s Cup in 1991, but got swept in the first round by the Minnesota North Stars.  He played up until the trade deadline in 92 so he wasn’t around for the Hawks team that made it to the Stanley Cup Final in 1992.

Konroyd was a puck moving stay at home defenseman that had very good skating skills, but those skills kept diminishing with every injury that he received.  Journeyman and injury plagued were two descriptions of Konroyd during his NHL career.

Konroyd played 895 regular season games and 97 career playoff games, but never got to hoist the Stanley Cup during a career that spanned 16 seasons, but you have to admire a guy that stuck around that long getting injured year in and year out.

He was a Blackhawk on the ice and in the booth, and he’s #81 on our list this year, What do you think too high, too low or shouldn’t be on the list?

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Only 81 days until the season begins with the Pittsburgh Penguins visiting the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center!