Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links: Living In An Alternate Universe


It can be fun to guess about what might have happened if certain situations had played out differently, such as various events involving the Chicago Blackhawks

I’ve had a bit of fun late this summer with “what if” scenarios involving the Chicago Blackhawks in the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era. There’s Bryan Bickell‘s big contract, the formerly-rumored Kane/Ryan Miller trade, and playoff scenarios involving the Kings, Canucks and Bruins.

But what about “what if” situations before the Toews/Kane era? One of those was brought up for Yahoo Sports’ offseason alternate history series this week. The Blackhawks could have traded for famed forward Eric Lindros in 1992 … so what if it had actually happened?

The guys over at Faxes From Uncle Dale had some fun with this one. Admittedly, Blackhawk Up writer Tim Martens suggested this idea to me last week for the “what if” series. At a different time, I may have tackled it. But considering I was making a big move for a new job, the time wasn’t right. Thankfully, someone took care of the idea anyway.

It’s well known that “what if” scenarios are a ton of fun in the sports realm. This can be especially true when it comes to the NHL, what with its lockouts, salary cap and extremely extended borders for international players and competition.

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So what kind of “what if” scenarios interest you Blackhawks fans most when it comes to the team? Depending on how long you’ve followed the team, these situations could be wide-ranging. They could involve a trade, a hiring or a drafting. They could involve a simple business transaction, or a complex play on the ice.

Earlier this week, I offered Blackhawks fans the opportunity to weigh in on content ideas for Blackhawk Up this coming season. Now, I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about “what if” scenarios in the team’s history. Comment on this post or hit us up on Twitter with your responses.

On to the Blackhawks morning links

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