Chicago Blackhawks: Game Day Giveaways Power Rankings 2019-20

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 14: Fans stand for the national anthem prior to the game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues at the United Center on November 14, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 14: Fans stand for the national anthem prior to the game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues at the United Center on November 14, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) /

Ranking the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2019-20 Game Day giveaways, ranging from must-have items to boring, unoriginal items.

Before I begin, I wanted to shoutout Brandon M. Cain of Second City Hockey for beating me to this idea back in August. With that being said, I wanted to do my own rankings of these game day giveaways before the season gets underway.

The giveaways will be ranked by a tier system: Must-Haves, Solid Pickups, Good-Not-Great, and Same Old Same Old.

This should be without saying, but this is my take on these giveaways. If you really want them, you must line up a solid two hours before the same. If you’re waiting that long, they better be good.


  1. 2010 Anniversary Bobbleheads – Marian Hossa (October 18 vs Columbus), Brent Seabrook (November 21 vs Tampa Bay), Duncan Keith (December 15 vs Minnesota), and Jonathan Toews (January 7 vs Calgary)

I rank these together because they fall under the same category, but these are truly can’t miss items. The tenth anniversary of the 2010 Blackhawks’ championship is upon us and this is a great way to pay homage to that legendary team.

2. Alex DeBrincat and Dylan Strome Salt and Pepper Shakers (November 19 vs Carolina):

I find this item to be hilarious yet practical. For the latest Blackhawks’ dynamic duo, this is a perfect giveaway to honor their friendship on and off the ice.

3. 2010 Blackhawks Championship Replica Ring (March 19 vs Minnesota):

They have done items similar to this in the past with other championships, but this is another great item. A championship ring is the staple of any Stanley Cup celebration for the players, and it’s nice to give the fans a chance to own a replica.

Solid Pickups:

4. United Center 25th Anniversary Snow Globe (December 18 vs Colorado):

25 years of the United Center is being honored with a snow globe, which is tacky yet fun. It’ll be a great knick-knack to have for one of the more famous Chicago venues.

5. Retro Hat Series: 70’s (October 24 vs Philadelphia), 80’s (January 9 vs Nashville), 90’s (March 25 vs Pittsburgh)

This should be a fun line of giveaways, as classic Blackhawks logos are always popular with fans. Barring any interesting design choices, these should be a really good addition to any Hawks fans’ collection.

6. Eddie Olczyk Bobblehead (October 27 vs Los Angeles):

Bobbleheads are always a great giveaway, and giving one to Eddie-O will be a very popular item for Hawks fans.

7. John Wiedeman and Troy Murray Bobblehead (October 20 vs Washington):

The ‘Hawks radio crew gets their own bobbleheads. While it won’t be as popular as player bobbles, these two deserve one of their own.

8. Alternate Jersey Series: T-Shirt (December 2 vs St. Louis), Scarf (January 21 vs Florida), Knit Hat (March 3 vs Anaheim)

With the Hawks wearing their alternate jerseys from last years Winter Classic three times this season, they will be doing giveaways. I group these together because these will be a great way for fans who missed out on Winter Classic gear last year to get some.


9. Blackhawks Green Hat (March 13 vs Ottawa):

They do this giveaway every year, but it always turns out to be a good hat. Nothing to line up early for but if you happen to show up while they still have hats, you’ll be happy to have it.

10. Duncan Keith Floss Holder (March 5 vs Edmonton):

This one should be interesting. Personally, I have never seen a floss holder, so I don’t know how this will work. Using Duncan Keith is good because of his incident with Patrick Marleau in 2010.

11. Blackhawks Metal Lunch Box (March 8 vs St. Louis):

A more basic item, but could be good based on the design they go with.

12. Short Tumbler (February 5 vs Boston):

This will most likely be an item that people get and never use. Tumblers need to be of good quality, and giveaway items don’t usually allow for this.

Same Old Same Old:

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12. Blackhawks Water Bottle (March 11 vs San Jose):

One of these is made every year, and they are never a useful item by the second or third use.

13. Blackhawks Wireless Charger (November 17 vs Buffalo):

These usually do not work when you buy them at the store, so I can’t imagine this working well as a free giveaway. These will look cool though.

14. Blackhawks Yearbook (November 29 vs Colorado):

I truly don’t know what this will be, it will be a real hit or miss. Since it hasn’t been shown yet, I place it towards the bottom of the list.

15. Blackhawks Team Calendar (October 14 vs Edmonton):

This is the usual opening week giveaway, nothing new to see here.

16. Blackhawks Baseball Hat (November 7 vs Vancouver):

With all of the hats this year, this is the bottom of the list for me because there is not a theme of the item. This could just end up being a plain-looking Hawks hat.

Overall, this year’s slate of items is pretty good, especially with the 2010 Anniversary items. I will definitely try my best to get the bobbleheads when I can, but lining up early in the middle of winter might be too high of a price to pay for a bobblehead.

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