Blackhawks win 6-2 against Sharks amid NHL cancellation rumors

Kirby Dach, Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Kirby Dach, Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Blackhawks take a big win on home ice, amid NHL cancellation rumors. Those rumors come after the NBA and USA Hockey cancels upcoming events.

The Blackhawks end a two-game losing streak with a 6-2 victory on home ice against the Sharks. Chicago is now six points out of the playoffs, with 12 games left to go. The problem is, they might not get to play any of those 12 games.

Right now, the Blackhawks are slotted to play again on Friday against the Senators on home ice. Due to multiple leagues suspending and canceling events, it brings worries to NHL fans that they’ll do the same to them.

Tonight, the NBA suspended their season, while USA hockey canceled the National Championship and the Disabled Festival. Tomorrow, the NHL will make their decision on whether to suspend their season or not.

Besides this speculation, the Blackhawks did win their game tonight. During tonight’s game, Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane (2), Brandon Saad, Alex Nylander, and Dominik Kubalik scored for Chicago.

Kirby Dach impressed me on Kubalik’s goal with his amazing pass. Dach was always very aggressive tonight, having another solid game. He’s really stepped up during the last 20 games, where he’s added 12 points.

Corey Crawford gave up just two goals tonight and saved 34 shots.

Yes, the Blackhawks have lost two straight games until tonight’s win, but with how hot Crawford has been playing, the Blackhawks will make a solid push during these next four weeks for the playoffs. All it takes is a hot goalie to make a push for the playoffs. Can the Blackhawks make that push?

I’m not counting on a playoff push, not many fans are either. Technically Chicago is still in it, it’ll take a few wins in a row to get me back on board. If they can win their next four games, I’ll sing their playoff praises again. These next four are must-win.

To avoid sounding like a broken record, there are winnable games left on the Blackhawks schedule.  The Senators, Sabres, and Kings are very winnable. That’s just six points though. The rest of the games are going to be very tough. That’s nine tough games, with three easy games left. Could they win 10 of their last 12 games?

As long as the season isn’t postponed or even canceled, there’s a chance. If the NHL does postpone the season, will there still be a finish to the season? If teams get two-three weeks off, or even more, how will it affect these teams?

Time off would hurt teams that are hot right now. The problem is, this isn’t about the success of teams. The postponing and canceling of events are for the safety of everyone involved. There is more to life than just hockey.

Hopefully, the NHL can clear this up fast and do what’s best for everyone. We’ll know more tomorrow.

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