Blackhawk Up March Madness Tournament: Kane vs Toews

After a couple of weeks of polls on our Twitter page, we are down to the final two Chicago Blackhawks’ players of the 2010s.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews dominated their competition throughout this tournament run. I’ll be honest with everything, this went from the best Chicago Blackhawks’ players of the 2010s, where I forgot a bunch of them, to pick your favorite of the two.

Of course, no matter who I would have put in, Kane and Toews still would end up as the final two. I did forget to add Antti Niemi to the poll, which I am sorry for. I had him in and took him out when I re-wrote the whole 64-player bracket.

The voting will start back up on our Twitter page today.

We’re going to start-up another poll, this time with legends throughout the years. All of the players who made the Final Four of this tournament will make the next one. We’re going as far back as the first Blackhawks’ season, back in the 1920s.

My early guess is Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull will do very well with the older fans. Both players played until the 1980 NHL season. So, if you grew up in the 1970s, you’re a fan of either one of those, most likely.

Top goalies of all time will be on the list. My goal is to have the best players to find out who is Mr. Blackhawks.

It’ll have different categories, which will be set up soon. As of right now, vote for Kane or Toews by clicking on the Tweet link here.