Here is why the Blackhawks cannot trade Dylan Strome

Dylan Strome, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Dylan Strome, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

Rumors are making the rounds of the Chicago Blackhawks potentially trading Dylan Strome. Here’s why they cannot afford to trade Strome.

The Chicago Blackhawks trading away Dylan Strome would be one of the biggest mistakes they’ve made since trading Artemi Panarin. Strome isn’t as good as Panarin, but Strome plays a big role in Chicago.

Before coming to Chicago, Strome was painted out as a bust. In three seasons with the Coyotes, the 2015 third overall draft choice, Strome, had just 16 career points. In two seasons with the Blackhawks, Strome has scored 29 goals with 60 assists for 89 points.

Strome’s numbers have taken a hit this season, due to playing in just 58 games, because of his injury. Still, he’s played solid. Strome is best when he’s on the same line as best friend Alex DeBrincat. Those two together last season played on one of the best lines in the entire league.

If the Blackhawks are smart, they’ll keep Strome and DeBrincat together next season. If they add Patrick Kane to that line, it’s fair to expect big numbers from all three players.

Even if the Blackhawks traded Strome, there isn’t a trade package that makes sense. He’s too valuable to the team in my opinion. Strome is an upgraded Brandon Saad, with a little bit more skill on offense. If Strome didn’t miss time due to injury, he was well on his way to another 20 goal season, while getting 50-plus points.

Trading Strome takes a solid player out of the lineup, on a team that needs to retain depth to build a playoff-caliber team. Even if the Blackhawks decided to clean house, Strome, DeBrincat, and a few others are who to build the team around.

There’s no good reason to remove Strome from the future success of the Blackhawks. If they trade his rights in the offseason, he’ll go be successful somewhere else. That will be another player lost due to Stan Bowman not paying attention.

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In the summer, they need to sign Strome to a long-term deal, that keeps him in Chicago for the near future. It’s what’s best for the team and it’s in the best interest for Strome. I could see him being worth around $4,000,000-$4,500,000 AAV. It’s doable.