Will the Chicago Blackhawks have to draft virtually?

Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by NFL via Getty Images) /

After watching night one of the NFL draft, it begs the question, will the Chicago Blackhawks be in the same virtual circumstance in June?

If the Chicago Blackhawks have to draft virtually this year, I won’t be too upset. The NFL hit a home run last night with their class and perfection of the virtual draft. Since they were first with the virtual draft, the NHL has time to catch up.

If the Blackhawks are forced to draft virtually, I don’t have as many concerns as I would have before last night. The real concern comes when we think of scouting players and having private workouts. The Blackhawks won’t be able to work out players privately if this quarantine doesn’t end soon.

For example, if the Blackhawks have a player they’re on the fence about, drafting him could be a mistake, if they haven’t worked him out privately. Even seeing them at the draft combine would help the team make the correct decision. There won’t even be that, as of right now.

So, a player like Justin Barron will struggle under these circumstances. He missed most of his season due to a blood clot. Team doctors of whoever drafts him won’t get their chance to work with him and see if he is healthy or not for their team to pick him.

As a fan of Barron, I want the Blackhawks to draft him. With the team not being able to work him out and have their doctors meet with him for a physical, I suddenly wouldn’t take him in the first round, depending on where Chicago picks.

Barron slides to the second on my draft board, just because of the situation.

In most drafts, teams can pick out a few “safe picks”. Without there being a combine or private workouts, it’s hard to find that “safe pick” that will help the franchise grow as a whole.

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No matter what happens, there’s credit due to the NFL. If the NHL follows in their footsteps, I wouldn’t be too upset about it. There’s a lot to learn from last night, and the next two nights. Something the NHL will keep a close eye on.