FanSided 250: Breaking down where the Chicago Blackhawks ranked

Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have some of the best fans in the NHL, but how do they compare with different fandoms worldwide?

The FanSided 250 is a celebration of fandoms looking for the “hottest” fanbases of the year. FanSided has been doing it for a while now, and this annual event is one of the best to be around FanSided with. So, where did the Chicago Blackhawks rank in the past?

Blackhawks Past Rankings:

Last season Chicago ranked sixth in the NHL on the FanSided 250 rankings and at 134 around the entire event. In 2018, Chicago was ninth in the NHL and at 116 event wide. While 2017 saw Chicago at their highest at third in the NHL with the 77th spot throughout the entire rankings.

Each year we have seen Chicago decline little by little to the point where now they are out of the top 200. That is alright, though because Chicago is on the cusp of a rebuild, yet they still manage to make this list.

Chicago is a hockey city, and fans are excited about this team no matter the outcome on the ice. Like the Chicago Bears, I believe fans will get behind this team no matter how frustrating they may be in the hopes of a better year during the following season.

FanSided 250: 2020 Blackhawks Ranking:

This year the fandoms were ranked on a fan vote, search score, and social follows. Chicago did make the cut while still struggling on the ice and barely sneaking into the playoffs. Chicago was ranked ninth in the NHL and at 207 across the entire event.

I know I believe Chicago can be higher on this list next season, and I am confident that Blackhawks fans agree with that. Chicago has some of the best fans globally, and the fact that the Bears did not even make the list is interesting to me.

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The Chicago White Sox were the highest-ranked Chicago fandom this year. Thanks to their promising future and the amount of young talent the roster has, it is nice to see the south side win on a ranking like this. Hopefully, they will only go up from here!

NHL Teams Deserve More:

The Blackhawks were the ninth-ranked NHL team for this year’s FanSided 250. While I am happy to see Chicago in the top ten of the NHL, I believe the NHL needs to get more credit. Twenty NHL teams made FanSided 250, but 11 of those 20 were ranked over 200.

The NHL has some of the best fans around. While it might not be the biggest sport in the United States, hockey fans are loyal and passionate. Hopefully, we will see more of the NHL on this list in higher spots next season.

The highest-ranked NHL team this past season was the Tampa Bay Lightning at 98 across the entire list. If you want to check out the complete list, check it out now!