2 more players the Chicago Blackhawks are being tied to in the trade market

Rumors are swirling around the Blackhawks being a trade partner for Nikolaj Ehlers or Trevor Zegras.
James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks have plenty of cap space to add more players and a desire to raise the standards.

That means they are being tied to every available free agent and trade target.

Martin Necas is the dream trade target, but there is a huge roadblock in landing a forward that can upgrade the Hawks' feeble offense. Plus, Necas would be a great linemate for Connor Bedard.

Since the Hawks do not have the assets to get Necas, they will probably have to target other forwards on the trade market.

One player that is being tied to the Blackhawks is Nikolaj Ehlers.

Ehlers is believed to be on the market if the Winnipeg Jets are unable to sign him to a contract extension. Ehlers is coming off scoring 25 goals and registering 36 assists in 82 games this past season.

Ehlers has missed some time before this past season. He also has two other seasons where played a full 82 games. Ehlers is also 28 which means he still has some prime performance years left.

Do not worry about Ehlers costing the Blackhawks money. The Hawks have cap space and must start adding players to help Bedard.

The Blackhawks are tied to another center on the trade market.

This is not the first time the Blackhawks have been tied to Zegras as he was potentially going to be moved at the trade deadline before he got hurt. Zegras is rumored to be back on the trade market and the Hawks are reportedly interested in bringing him to Chicago.

The problem with Zegras is he missed the bulk of this past season with an ankle injury. The problem is the Anaheim Ducks are rumored to have a huge asking price.

Zegras has two years left on his deal and will be 23 next season. The Ducks have a high asking price because they do not have to trade him since he is under contract. It will be interesting to see if the Blackhawks are willing to meet the Ducks high asking price.

Again, these are just trade rumors, and with all the salary cap space the Blackhawks have they will always be tied to just about every available player.