How will these consensus top-five draft prospects impact the Chicago Blackhawks' rebuild?

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Cayden Lindstrom

The Blackhawks could use some size at forward. That is why Lindstrom could be the perfect prospect for the Blackhawks.

Lindstrom has amazing skating ability and skill to go along with his big frame. The youngster is considered a force of nature.

His game is sort of like Marian Hossa's. Think about the Hawks having a young version of Hossa that they can mold.

The Athletic's midseason report has him as possibly being the second-best forward prospect. Although, Scott Wheeler thinks he is the 11th-best prospect. There are some concerns about his game.

Drafting him at say, No. 4, would help the Hawks add a prospect with size. He will also take some time to develop, so he is not going to push up the timeline.

Ivan Demidov

Tankathon has the Hawks taking the Russian forward at two. He is skilled but he is also on a KHL contract. However, he is signed through next season, so he can come over sooner than Matvei Michkov, last year's top Russian draft prospect.

There is the risk that Demidov decides to stay in the KHL for another deal before coming over. He played at the MHL level. That is like playing in the juniors in the States and Canada.

So on one hand, the Hawks could get a very skilled forward at a young age as soon as 2025-26. On the flip side, he could stay overseas for who knows when.

The Athletic has him tied with Lindstrom as the second-best forward prospect. His selection would not move up the rebuild's timeline, but it can help the team score goals as soon as October 2025.

Anton Silayev

The Russian is a left-handed defenseman. He is considered the second-best blue liner prospect in the draft according to the Athletic.

He is signed with KHL through the 2025-26 season.

This would be a pick that would fit with the Hawks' preference to bring along defensemen slowly. Kevin Korchinski would be starting his second contract in the 2026-27 season. Plus, Bedard and Frank Nazar will be in the final year of their entry-level deal.

Cap space will start to get precious in 2026, so the Hawks can add a potential elite defender at an ELC price. Plus, Rinzel should be in the fold by that time, so the Blackhawks could add another young defenseman with high upside at the same time.