5 dynamic forward prospects for Blackhawks fans to know before the 2024 NHL Draft

The Chicago Blackhawks will have one of the top picks in the 2024 NHL Draft, but they will also make a selection later in the first round.
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The Chicago Blackhawks could be the most entertaining team to watch in the 2024 NHL Draft, thanks to the number of draft picks the organization accumulated. They will have two first-rounders, a trio of selections in the second round, and another two in the third, so even with all the needs this franchise has, one draft will make a significant impact. 

Left wing is a huge need, but when you’re in the Blackhawks position, taking the best available is the smartest route to success. Therefore, the five forwards mentioned in the following slides aren’t exclusively left wingers, but players whom general manager Kyle Davidson can take with his second pick in the first round. 

Yes, the second first-round pick, since you will see a ton of coverage regarding some of the top prospects like Macklin Celebrini, Ivan Demidov, and others slated to go in the top 20. You won’t even see studs like Cole Eiserman, Cayden Lindstrom, or Berkly Catton on this list, although you can argue the latter could freefall on draft day, thanks to his lack of size.  

Blackhawks have lots of talent to choose from at forward in 2024 NHL Draft

There are too many ideal cases to outline for the Blackhawks as the 2024 draft nears, but most fans would love to see something like Macklin Celebrini and Berkly Catton, Ivan Demidov, and Catton, or either one of the top two forward talents paired with a freefalling prospect deemed worthy of a top 10 selection. 

But if that doesn’t happen and if the draft goes in a way similar to what Tankathon’s current mock looks like, avoid getting too bent out of shape. There are five forward prospects - three centers and two wingers - fans should get to know and look forward to having in their system should Kyle Davidson draft them.