3 way too early reasons to be optimistic about the Blackhawks in 2024-25

Sometimes, teams must get worse before they get better, and the Chicago Blackhawks were no exception. But there should be a lot of optimism for 2024-25.
Carolina Hurricanes v Chicago Blackhawks
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The Blackhawks scoring will make leaps and bounds

This section is really an extension of the previous, as when Connor Bedard starts scoring more, the entire team will follow. One major reason is that not only will Bedard find the net more and contribute to primary and secondary assists, he will also help set up plays and contribute in ways offensively that won’t reflect in the box score. 

Further, another youngster named Philipp Kurashev will also enjoy an uptick in productivity after he went from just 25 points and nine goals throughout 70 contests in 2022-23 to 54 points and 18 goals in 75 games in 2023-24. Few will have more of an effect on Kurashev’s game than Bedard. And also like Bedard, expect Kurashev to help set up plays while teammates receive credit for goals and assists. 

There would be at least one more young player returning to make a jump, and it could be a blueliner like Alex Vlasic or Kevin Korchinski or even a young forward. Plus, there is always a chance the Blackhawks draft a forward next month who immediately makes it to the NHL, and they too will be yet another solid contributor. 

Overall, you won’t see the team that finished 32nd in scoring with just 179 goals, and though it’s rather ambitious, it’s not impossible for this Blackhawks team to finish the 2024-25 season ranked near the middle in scoring.