Levshunov's personality, Blackhawks interest in defenseman come to light at combine

When looking at prospects that stood out at the 2024 NHL Scouting Combine, Michigan State defenseman Artyom Levshunov was one of them, and it was because of more than just his physical capabilities.
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Obviously the Blackhawks aren't going to draft someone based on their personality alone, but it seems like all Levshunov did in Buffalo was help improve his case for going No. 2 by making a good impression. Not to mention, there is plenty to like about his game on the ice, coming off a 35-point season (nine goals, 26 assists) in his first year of Big Ten hockey.

According to scouts, Levshunov's skating ability and physicality are arguably his best two traits right now. They also believe he has plenty of traits and the potential to be a top pair defenseman at the next level, however, he is still a fairly raw prospect and it will take a bit of development for him to reach that ceiling.

The Blackhawks are a team that could have some patience with Levshunov if they decide to go that route in a few weeks. Davidson said he is looking to have the team start focusing on winning more, but it could still be a couple years before the Blackhawks are true contenders.

That would buy the Blackhawks some time to let Levshunov develop. In a video taken by Charlie Roumeliotis of NBC Sports Chicago at the NHL Draft Scouting Combine, Levshunov mentioned that he has not determined whether or not he will go back to Michigan State for his sophomore season and he will figure out those next steps after the draft.

Still, the team has a decision to make and it seems like the consensus is between Levshunov and Ivan Demidov, a talented forward out of Russia who would need time as well. Regardless of the decision that the Blackhawks end up making, it is hard not to feel like Levshunov made a good impression and improved his stock leading up to the draft.