Top 5 low-cost goaltenders the Blackhawks can sign in NHL free agency

The Chicago Blackhawks could add a goaltender to the organization in 2024-25, and there are a few serviceable names in the free agent market.

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While it’s still a few months before NHL free agency arrives, it’s never too early to talk about it if you are not in playoff contention. Unfortunately, this is where the Chicago Blackhawks find themselves, given their second-lowest points total of just 41 and going through a full rebuild. 

Because they are a rebuilding team, there is a good chance the Blackhawks don’t look to sign any prized free agents - though this certainly isn’t impossible. But, if general manager Kyle Davidson looks to build his prospects pool and prevent anyone from getting in the way, it’s best he looks for lower-cost free agents at forward, on the blue line, and in the crease should a potential opening emerge in the main lineup. 

While Petr Mrazek and Arvid Soderblom are slated to return next season, it doesn’t mean Davidson won’t look to add one more goaltender to the system. Soderblom hasn’t played well this season, posting just an 0.876 save percentage, a GAA of 4.02, and a 4-19-1 record, so he could be replaceable on the big club.

Blackhawks could look for a lower-cost goaltender in NHL free agency

We shouldn’t have expected much from Soderblom this season since the Blackhawks weren’t supposed to be a great team, but few thought he would struggle this badly. Instead of heading into 2024-25 assuming Soderblom could be the backup or 1B to Mrazek, Chicago should instead see if there is anyone worth taking in the free agent market to at least try and upgrade the position.

This year’s goaltending class isn’t a good one, yet there are plenty of players Davidson could sign for a season, stick them behind Mrazek, and at least provide quality insurance. He could also decide to go with a three-goaltender rotation, which, while not ideal, hasn’t been unheard of in recent seasons.  

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